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Mark Scott doing his part, Bottom man always needs to be pushing.2 floor moves, 3 floor move, we are the movers that for that type of move
2nd floor 3rd floor 4th floor elevator no elevator don't matter
for visiting!
Mark Scott owner giving a great moving description. We hope you find everything you need. The #1 Moving Team is focused on providing high-quality moving service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Furniture protector, is our pads, moving blankets & shrink wrap. Protecting the furniture is important to us
We build positive rapports with our clients by being trustworthy, hardworking, dependable and efficient. 

We hope that your experience was positive and helpful.  We look forward to your feedback.   Check back with us periodically for new updates to our website. There's always helpful information being uploaded to the site.
 Most moves come with a $20-$40 gas charge. Moves going over 20 miles may come with a $30-$50 gas charge or $5 more per hour. Cash is collected when are 80% done, when the truck is almost unloaded at the end. Don't let the Gas charge scare you away cause you will get some good fast and  movers that you will want to call back over & over again, ask some of our references. We ask that you only call the references  if you are going to use or services Thank You.

The #1 Moving Team preparing to move this Family our of state they took the plane & we took their Belongings  vehicle for them. 16 hour drive Moving them to Atlanta Georgia to New York. The guys set back up a table that wouldn't fit through the door.Moving, heavy lifting and good customer service. Relocating precious items from old to new locations.Disassembling , Reassembling is just another part of the relocating process.
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